Breaking down the barriers of point of care testing in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Point of care testing allows rapid testing for infectious diseases, providing fast results and the opportunity for treatment and management all in one visit.

We provide evidence-based recommendations to assist in the scaling up of point of care testing – helping make this life-saving diagnostic technique equitable and accessible to all.

We are proudly funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council as a Centre of Research Excellence.

How we help

Applied focus

We have one focus; to scale up point of care testing for infectious diseases. We build the evidence needed to help scale up the right test in the right place, for all those who need them.


Optimum results happen when we work together. We unite experts in diagnostics and health service research, epidemiology, social science, health economics, and modelling research.

Community driven

Our research and recommendations are rooted in reality; we collaborate closely with communities and have a particular focus on marginalised, remote and rural.

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